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Version: 1.1

Released: July 2011


Learn 2 Bee

Sight words are the basis behind the whole-word approach to reading education, and Learn2Bee is here to help children learning and practicing the complete Dolch Word List, which consists of 220 "service" words and 95 common nouns.

A hybrid app with elements of listening, spelling and typing, Learn2Bee offers a great environment for children up to the 3rd Grade to engage in a fun and interactive way of learning essential English words.

The app is highly customizable with multiple word groups, hints, timers and game length settings, offering over a thousand combinations of endless fun and learning experience.

Parents are free to create different levels to suit different learning needs, or join in to play and have fun with their kids.

In this version, we have included the following features:

  1. Sight words are grouped into "Pre-Primer", "Primer", "1st Grade", "2nd Grade", "3rd Grade" and "Nouns". You can mix and match whichever way you want.
  2. Custom keyboard to hide irrelevant characters
  3. Option to have countdown timer for a bit of fun and excitement
  4. Option to create short or long spelling rounds to suit learning time span
  5. "Learn Word" option which acts like interactive audio flash cards
  6. Randomized words to keep your children interested and occupied
  7. Touch the speaker cloud to hear the single word
  8. Touch the speech cloud to hear a sentence with the word in it
  9. Option to "Read Out Loud" automatically
  10. Option to Reveal correct answer during game rounds
  11. Option to Display/Hide sentences
  12. Option to show UPPERCASE or lowercase keyboard
  13. Turn sound on and off to suit every situation
  14. Highscores to keep track of progress and achievements

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